Magnetic Toll HighSpeed

Magnetic.Toll HighSpeed barriers are the fastest toll barriers available with an opening time as low as 0.5 seconds. This barrier redefines performance in non-stop toll applications. It is the ideal solution for very high frequented toll stations providing great reliability and sustainability as well as comprehensive functionality.

The barrier packages contain the complete barrier incl. the MGC control unit and a Roundboom MicroBoom-T with a beam length of 3.0m and a Swing-Away Flange. A loop detector is not included.

The integration of different payment methods (electronically, manually, etc.) may be easily accomplished due to the huge number of inputs and outputs.

Magnetic.Toll Select barriers are available in RAL 2000 as standard. Any other colour is available at an additional charge.

The barrier packages are available in a left and a right version. Please see Appendix 1 on the datasheet to work out whether you need a right or left version.