Top & bottom skirt

The beam skirt with over-climb protection (GUE01/GUE02), a registered design, provides additional security above and underneath the closed barrier beam available as an option for Magnetic.Access Pro-H barriers.

It is available in two variants: GUE01 has a height of 1.3m, GUE02 has a height of 1.8m.

The skirt component, made of plastic and aluminium, can be installed on-site without tools due to a simple click system and single parts can easily be replaced using a tool provided.

The boom skirt has a robust guiding rod and operates smoothly and almost silently. When opening the barrier, the boom skirt folds up to lie parallel to the barrier housing. Due to the folding mechanism, almost the entire lane width is available.

During development considerable emphasis was placed on safety. As a result of the S-shape and elasticity of the skirt elements, the risk of injury during operation is reduced to a minimum whatever the barrier position. The lower rail also has edge protection, further enhancing safety.

A pendulum support or nesting post is required for barrier booms with a boom skirt. The maximum barrier width for GUE01 with a pendulum support is 4.3 m, with a nesting post it is 4.7m. Maximum lane width for GUE02 with a pendulum support is 4.0 m, with a nesting post it is 4.5m.

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