Beam skirt

The Magnetic barrier skirt provides additional security beneath the barrier when it is closed and is available as an option for Access Pro-H type barriers. The skirt folds up to lie parallel to the barrier housing when the barrier is open meaning that almost the entire road width is available.

The click-fit plastic and aluminium skirt elements can be simply installed on-site without tools and replacement of individual elements can easily be carried out using a tool supplied.

During development of the boom skirt, emphasis was placed on safety. As a result of the S-shape and springiness of the skirt elements, the risk of injury during operation is reduced to a minimum whatever the barrier position. The lower rail also has edge protection, further enhancing safety.

A pendulum support or nesting post is required for barriers booms with a boom skirt. The maximum barrier width with a pendulum support is 5.0 m, with a nesting post 5.5 m.

Other designs with additional anti-climb protection are available: GSUE01: H=1.3 m and GSUE02: H=1.8 m.

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