2-channel loop detector module

The internal 2-channel loop detector module plugs directly into the MGC/MGC Pro control unit of the MHTM™ MicroDrive barriers. It allows monitoring of two induction loops placed in the road to detect vehicles.

The connected induction loops can be used to detect cars, trucks, forklifts and other vehicles with metal chassis. Monitoring is performed by multiple paths directly in the MGC, which ensures secure integration into the overall system.

The two loop channels are multiplexed, i.e. they are powered on in alternation and therefore cross-talk between the loops is prevented. Two modules can be used on one MGC controller, increasing the number to four; the multiplex is extended to all channels so there is no cross-talk between the four loops.

All loop channels can be set up as safety loops, opening loops or presence loops and several can be assigned to the same functionality. Parameter settings can easily be adjusted via menus on the MGC controller.