Magnetic Access-L

Magnetic.Access-L barriers are complete, cost-oriented solutions for access control to public parking, your company premises or any other application. The design is complemented by impressively high basic functions that meet nearly any requirement. The barrier has one of the lowest power consumption rates on the market.

As standard the barriers are delivered in two colours: housing in RAL 2000, doors in IGP-DuraFace 5803E71319A10 (similar to RAL 7021).

The Magnetic.Access-L models contain the same components as Magnetic.Access barriers; the complete barrier including the MGC control unit, an integrated 2-channel detector module and the VarioBoom barrier boom. The difference is a drive unit that is adjusted for the longer boom.

Please consider ordering a pendulum support or support post when using Magnetic.Access-L barriers or any other barrier with a boom length of 3.5 m or more.

All packages contain u-shaped bars for quick and easy installation. An anchor set (glue cartridges and screws) is optionally available.