Vehicle Access

Magnetic MHTM™ MicroDrive barriers are the latest evolution in the market offering immeasurable benefits.

MHTM™ MicroDrive offers 75% less power consumption to comparable products. For example, Magnetic.Access, the all-rounder for vehicle access to lower traffic areas, access roads or gated residential communities, uses only 25W for opening or closing of the barrier.

Together with 99% recyclable materials, MHTM™ MicroDrive is our contribution to a greener environment.

Safety and Security

MHTM™ MicroDrive is equipped with a safe logic controller adhering to EN ISO 13849. We only use 24v for motors and controllers and there are no crushing hazards. Plus all MHTM™ MicroDrive barriers are equipped with beam edge protection to minimise risk of injury to people.


MHTM™ MicroDrive offers extremely high functional scope. Depending on the model, the barriers are equipped with a 2-channel detector module and offer adjustable opening and closing times.

The MGC logic controller offers a substantial increase in connectivity (I/Os, TCP/IP, USB, CAN, RS-485, etc.) enabling users to incorporate the barrier into a comprehensive access control solution.

The newly designed, maintenance free MHTM™ drive unit offers 100% more torque and is the ideal option even for windy or snowy environments.


MHTM™ MicroDrive won the red dot product design award 2012. The extraordinary modular housing design not only offers excellent accessibility to all components of the barrier but also challenges the dull appearance of typical barrier installations.

The new VarioBoom barrier beam design improves the visibility, decreasing the risk of damage to people, vehicles or the equipment.

Ease of use

The configuration of all MHTM™ MicroDrive barriers is done via the MGC logic controller. A LCD display, 4 programming buttons and an intuitive graphical user interface let users effortlessly set and change the settings of the barrier.

The functional range can be expanded via Plug & Play modules.