MPT Double


The MPT series of full height turnstiles have been specifically developed to control simultaneous bi-directional pedestrian control of two independent turnstiles where limited space is available. The turnstile consists of an outer 'U' bar section, an outer vertical bar section and a central rotating column incorporating a 3 x 120° offset 'U' bar configuration.

It has been designed as a modular system and can easily be assembled on site by hand, without heavy lifting devices. It can be installed directly onto concrete surfaces, for paved areas an optional foundation frame is available. As standard all sections are galvanised, RAL powder coating and stainless steel options also available upon request.

The control and drive mechanisms are housed within a sheet metal enclosure located above the central column. Additional space is available for installation of access control equipment.

MPT 152 motor driven

The maintenance-free MHTM® is the core of the drive system, providing advantages such as silent operation, obstacle detection and very quick opening and closing times. The system provides functions for a multitude of applications. In the event of power failure the centre column turns freely. An optional locking device to stop entry in one or both directions is available on request.

MPT 153 electromechanical

This version is rotated manually by the user. The locking mechanism contains a cam plate and two locking solenoids and is controlled by the MSC10 E-100 controller, specifically designed for this application. On receiving a pulsed input, the controller releases the relevant solenoid allowing the centre column to be rotated 120° before locking back into position. In the event of power failure 'locked' or 'free wheel' options are available in one or both directions.

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