The MPS (Magnetic Pedestrian Swing Gate) series was developed to control pedestrian access in basic security applications with surveillance. It can be operated in one or both directions. These barriers are also used to supplement our turnstiles and flap barriers, e.g. to provide passage for wheelchairs and people carrying luggage.

The housing is a polished stainless steel tube that conceals the drive unit, and rotates the outer stainless steel tube. The rotatable part has two or three brackets for mounting standard rails, glass flaps (toughened or laminated) or customer-specific barrier elements.

The drive unit incorporates our innovative and reliable MHTM® drive technology. This offers numerous advantages, including a long working life, freedom from maintenance, silent operation, low dynamic forces and obstacle detection.

The intelligent drive system recognises during opening/closing if there are people or objects in the sweep zone and ensures protection against injury or damage.

The speed and opening time are adjustable. The opening angle can be different for each direction, and is adjustable over a wide range from 10° to 300°.