MPP Short

The Magnetic Pedestrian Pivot series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance in low security situations. The barrier allows two-directional flow and can provide blocking or free rotation in either direction. It is suitable for high use applications, e.g. railway platforms, passenger terminals and sport stadiums.

The barrier consists of a centre housing, enclosing controllers and a drive mechanism and a rotating centre with arms at 3 x 120 degrees, providing single access. Optional built-on top housing for installation of access control devices. The barrier design is also available in two constructions, one for indoor installations and one for outdoor installations.

The MHTM™ drive unit offers near noiseless operation, low abrasion and high positioning accuracy of the rotating arms. Performance and speed of the motor is set to provide an optimised running behaviour with accelerating or over spinning of the home position almost eliminated.

The secondary coupling is designed to slip in excess of forces greater than 800 N to prevent damage to the drive mechanism. It will then reset and the rotating centre will find home position. Optionally, the MPP can be fitted with a patented Drop Arm designed to drop down allowing free passage in emergencies, e.g. fire alarm, accident or power failure. When power resumes the rotating centre resets and returns to the operating home position.

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