The MPH (Magnetic Pedestrian High Door) series was developed to control pedestrian access under low to medium security requirements.

The system consists of stainless steel housing with integrated over climb protection and glass wings made of tempered safety glass (laminated safety glass available on request) and is built up from several segments; width can be varied to suit the requirements.

The gates open for pedestrian access and close again immediately after passage or after an adjustable hold-open time. The operating state is indicated by LED gate end displays at the housing's entry side (red cross or green arrow). Eight light beams on each passage ensure safe pedestrian detection by preventing closure if a person or object is within the safety zone of the barrier.

The MPH is available in two versions: a standard and a widelane version with a greater lane width to provide optimum passage for people with luggage or for wheel chairs. Opening and closing times can be programmed to be different from each other; times depend on the height of the glass wings, which are available in 3 different heights.

The wings are operated by the Magnetic patented MHTM™ drive and are directly connected to the high torque motor. The maintenance-free MHTM drive unit provides numerous advantages, such as silent operation, low dynamic forces, obstacle detection, and very quick opening and closing times.