Immigration Gates

The steady increase in international travel and concerns about international crime and terrorism has put high pressure on immigration and customs departments worldwide. The tourist industry loses millions because many international travelers are not willing to put up with the inconvenience of the current customs clearance procedures. Faster clearance times and increased security is essential.

Since the very first Immigration Gate in 1996, technology has changed dramatically and many modern international airports have been built worldwide. The “one fits all” approach for Immigration Gates is no longer acceptable. Magnetic has opted to provide a modular system to be able to blend into new architectural environments. Most of the Immigration Gate materials are glass and stainless steel because this will fit into any architectural environments. Glass has the additional benefit of visibility but also takes away the claustrophobic concerns of many travelers.

Ergonomics and functionality are most important to achieve fast throughputs of travelers. Security & safety are essential, therefore new gate drive systems have been developed. With the introduction of the new MHTM™ (Magnetic High Torque Motor) the Gate dimensions are extremely compact, and many lanes can be installed in a limited space.

The Immigration Gate is designed to process travelers at border crossing points at airports, seaports and international railway border crossings. A single gate can process about 300 transactions per hour depending on the verification technology.

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