The MPR (Magnetic Pedestrian Retractable) series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance in low security situations. The aisle is blocked by a triangular wing that retracts into the housing, clearing the aisle, closing immediately after passage or an adjustable time-out. At each entry side there is a LED Gate End Display (GED) showing the current state: green arrow for entry, red cross for passage locked.

The wings are made of an aluminium core construction covered by PU-foam. Alternatively, an acrylic glass wing is available. With the use of soft wings the risk of injury or damage is minimised. The motor offers numerous benefits including impact detection, which interrupts the closing operation if the wing is obstructed, reversing the wing to help eliminate any possible injury or damage to luggage.

The construction consists of sheet metal housings that can be extended with intermediate parts to a user-defined configuration to meet any requirement, e. g. in areas of high throughput. Each end module is fitted with the MHTM drive and the motor controller MMC. The intermediate and combination modules contain 2 drives and 2 motor controllers. The master module contains the MBC lane controller.

The standard model has an aisle width of 520mm and the wide lane disabled model has an aisle width of 960–990mm. The opening and closing times of the wings are from 0.3 – 0.6 sec., depending on the type of wing used.