MSC Control Unit

The MSC Controller was specifically developed to control our electromechanical series of MPT and MPP pedestrian access products which utilise solenoid technology for locking and unlocking the turnstile mechanism.

It was our objective to enhance our well known electromechanical devices with a versatile control unit offering an alternative to our existing motor technology.

The heart of this control unit is a microprocessor which controls the various semi-conductors and relay outputs. Additional functions such as a watchdog timer and cycle counter have also been incorporated within the design.

The upper section of the housing contains the terminal strip for all wiring connections, an RS232 interface as well as the logic DIP switch and trimming potentiometer.

This DIP switch and potentiometer allow for the adjustment or changing of the operating parameters, whereas the RS232 interface allows high level control and/or updating of special programs if required.