The MPG series is designed to provide alternative access for cyclists, wheelchair users or similar user groups, in conjunction with the MPT Turnstile. Doors open 90° either way in approximately 3 seconds.

The doors are normally controlled by access control unit, with or without induction loops. Optional induction loops fulfil the function of detecting bicycles, wheelchairs, etc. The loops are integrated in plexiglass panels and in the guide railing.

When the door is closed a locking device protects the drive unit from additional force (e.g. vandalism). The locking device can either be locked or unlocked in the event of a power failure and must be specified on ordering.

The MHTM® drive unit provides advantages such as silent operation, obstacle detection and very quick opening and closing times and is designed to have a useful life of more than 10 million cycles or at least 10 years in standard applications.

The swing doors are available in powder coated steel (RAL 7042 as standard) or polished stainless steel. Other RAL-shades are available on request. On stainless steel versions the upper housing is made of steel, powder coated RAL 9007.

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