About us

About Magnetic Autocontrol

Magnetic Autocontrol, a business unit of the FAAC Group, operates in the ever-growing market of pedestrian and vehicle access control. Our product range includes vehicle barriers, pedestrian barriers, turnstiles and immigration and boarding gates.

We offer high quality, reliable and sustainable products which provide added value to the end customer. You experience our products every day: driving into car parks, entering public buildings like museums or offices and using public transport or airports. In short, our products are used wherever people or organisations have the need for secure and regulated access control.

We regularly define the benchmark for security solutions in the field of vehicle and pedestrian access control. Our core competence is drive and control technology as well as conceptual work.

Magnetic Autocontrol was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Schopfheim, Germany. We have served customers around the globe through strategically located subsidiaries and a vast network of distribution and service partners for over 60 years.